Our Core Values

High levels of Engagement
Learning environments present a hub of highly engaged children benefiting from a bespoke curriculum that teachers deliver using innovative teaching and learning techniques.  Our inclusive settings promote high levels of independence and collaboration, guaranteeing learners an opportunity to shine in their own unique way.

A Buzz of Excitement
Pioneering new and exciting strategies to form a nucleus of cross-curricular learning experiences, lessons interweave implicit links with other curriculum areas to provide children with a range of opportunities, making prior learning meaningful and sustainable. Our children lead their own learning and have a locus of control, which enables teachers to facilitate and nurture memorable moments in a child’s development. 

An Abundance of Enthusiasm
Our teachers provide learning opportunities that skyrocket learning to earth shattering heights. Whether a journey through space or a quantum leap in time, our enthusiastic teachers and children display an energy and thirst for thought-provoking subject matter. Our exciting and engaging children are motivated for learning with a desire to absorb and an excitement about achievement. 

Enriching the Lives of Children
Extra-curricular learning opportunities each term validated by the Children’s University provides a rewarding approach towards after school clubs at our school. There are a variety of clubs on offer each term for children to enjoy led by the staff and external providers.  Children collect 'stamps' and hours of accredited learning. This contributes to the award of a certificate, encouraging them to access Children's University provision and a wide range of other worthwhile out-of-school-hours learning opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Education
Experiential learning is an innovative element to our school’s creative learning. Each term, the whole school embark on a real life learning experience that encompasses our core values, strengths and curriculum to ignite imagination and deepen a child’s level of understanding.  

Exemplary Behaviour
Hill Avenue Primary School adopts a reflective behaviour management approach. We aim to develop good habits of self-discipline in children. We look at ways to encourage and reward children. We also believe it is very important to include parents in what we do at school to encourage and foster good behaviour and attitudes. The basic philosophy behind this form of classroom behaviour management is to empower the pupils with the ability to control their learning environment thus providing a foundation for life skills and life beyond Primary School Education. 

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