At Hill Avenue we believe that Music is a vital part of the curriculum and of our every day school life. From having music on in the background to inspire us while we learn, to the songs we sing on the playground- music is everywhere!

In the subject of Music, we explore a wide variety of genres from jazz to hip-hop, classical to pop and beyond. From EYFS to Year 6, we use the latest in technology to begin each of our music lessons by listening to a new piece every week that typifies that genre, encouraging our children to move to the pulse and enjoy the music for its own sake! We then delve deeper into the structure of it-appraisal- to enable our children to learn and apply key musical vocabulary. Following that, children then learn to sing and/ or play a song on a glockenspiel from the genre over a period of weeks, reflecting on their performances as individuals and ensembles in order to develop their performance skills. This also helps children to develop the discipline involved in musicianship and the ability to read music presented in various forms: from pictures and symbols to clefs and staves. Finally, improvisation and composition based on the genre explored that half term really allow our children to make the music their own. Throughout the learning children have access to IPads to record themselves and others as well as APPs such as Garage Band to aid with composition! Music really is in the air at Hill Avenue!

The aims of music teaching at Hill Avenue are to enable children to:
• Know and understand how sounds are made and then organised into musical structures.
• Develop the interrelated skills of performing, composing and appreciating music.
• Know how music is made through a variety of instruments.
• Know how music is composed and written down.
• Know how music is influenced by the time, place and purpose for which it was written

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