At Hill Avenue Academy Physical Education allows our children to develop their knowledge and understanding of skills so they can confidently perform in a range of physical activities. Our exciting and wide-ranging Physical Education curriculum involves: athletics, gymnastics, archery, badminton, tennis and outdoor adventure activities. Our Key Stage 2 children also have the opportunity to have swimming and water safety lessons as well as play for our school football team. Physical Education provides children with the opportunity to explore thinking and selecting and applying skills within a range of physical activities. It also promotes an understanding of how being active and exercising can play an important role throughout their lives in having a healthy lifestyle.   

Our core aims in Physical Education are:

• To enable our children to develop their confidence in a range of physical skills
• To develop our children’s understanding of how to measure and evaluate success in their use of physical activities
• To develop our children’s skills and confidence in working with or leading a team 
• To increase our children’s understanding of when to apply certain physical skills in activities
• To enable our children to explore and develop their skills to improve their performance in a range of activities
• To teach children how exercise can change how their bodies feel before, during or after exercise
• To develop children’s understanding of how exercise can play a part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives
• To provide opportunities in a range of sports or activities to develop our children’s passion for Physical Education  


Our current Swimming progress:

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